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The Energy Healing Specialists deliver powerful energetic support and healing for emotional and psychological conditions. 

Personalized Service

Energy healing is an ideal complement to conventional medicine.  Our experts work as a group to offer client-centered Pranic Healing services to help accelerate relief and recovery from emotional and psychological conditions.  We work remotely so you can focus on you.  We also offer additional programs and services so you can maintain good health.

Ailments Commonly Addressed

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Emotional Healing

Trauma, Grief, Depression

Also appropriate for Children

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Stress & Burn Out

Overwhelm & Exhaustion


Mental Health

Ongoing chronic ailments.  Addictions, phobias & fears.

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Spiritual Healing 

Navigate and balance bumps on the spiritual path

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About Us

We are a group of powerful women with powerful energy healing skills.  Working together, we amplify the benefits of what Pranic Healing has to offer you. 

We will balance and remove unwanted emotional and psychological energies and patterns and help restore and replenish your energy body, so you can transform!

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