Service delivery

The Energy Healing Specialists utilize remote energy healing because it is private, convenient, safe, and from our experience, just as effective as in-person sessions. In some instances, remote healing can be even more effective, especially with the elderly, young children, and pets. It can be less distracting and more comfortable for the client to be at home, plus there is no commute.


We offer intake interviews and follow-ups through Zoom or over the phone to customize sessions and communicate with our clients.  In some cases, we can provide sessions via Zoom or in-person.  — Contact us for more information!

What is remote energy healing?

Remote healing is the same as in-person healing but from a distance.   A close analogy is a cell phone conversation where an invisible energy thread links two or more people to enable a conversation or verbal transmission of their thoughts.  The parties are interconnected because they, and the cell towers, are part of and utilize the earth’s energy field.


Thoughts are energy, and it is generally accepted that energy follows thought.  Many people have experienced this when someone sends loving or goodwill energy from a distance.  Even without being physically present with the other person, the link is still strong, and the recipient can still feel the energy of love and goodwill.  With remote healing, the same principle applies. The client receives a healing session by a group of practitioners who intentionally direct the precise quality and quantity of energy needed to balance to the client’s energy field.