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Dawn Myers

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Dawn M. Myers is a life coach and full time Pranic Healer living in Atlanta, Georgia.  She specializes in anxiety, depression and helping to build connections back to enjoying life to its fullest.


Ana Myers

Ana Myers is a business owner and Pranic Healer who splits her time between New York and Florida.  She specializes in healing emotional and physical ailments to bring balance and happiness to your everyday life.

Andrée Leclerc

Andrée is in business, a Pranic Healer and an Indian astrology author based in Canada.  She specializes in anxiety and regeneration after an accident, ailment or stroke to bring well-being and harmony in peoples’ lives.


Gabrielle Swisher

Gabrielle Swisher is a Clinical Psychology PhD Student, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a mental health practitioner utilizing her knowledge of psychological disorders, biopsychosocial systems, and therapeutic interventions to aid in the pranic healing services she provides.


Liz Mangum

Liz Mangum is a Pranic Healer and hand, foot and facial reflexologist from Atlanta, Georgia. Her primary work is with our seniors, our elders, to help them realize greater vitality, health, strength, peace, and freedom from stress on all levels, physical, mental, and emotional. Thus they can live happy, fulfilled lives with meaning and purpose.

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Cynthia Holland

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Cynthia Holland is a business consultant and Pranic Healer.  She specializes in gastrointestinal and autoimmune ailments, stress and depression and enjoys helping people find balance and happiness at home and at work.