Energy Burnout is real and if you are reading this, you may be in the process of experiencing the signs of it.  When we do all we can and still experience deep fatigue and overwhelm, it is time to address the deeper energetic aspects of why we are feeling these effects. This package provides deep, restorative care with one powerful Pranic Healing Session each day for 5 consecutive days.  Restore your natural state of vitality!


  • Increase emotional stability and mental clarity
  • Increase overall energy by replenishing and balancing your energy centers
  • Disconnect from unwanted connections
  • Experience the comforts of inner peace and physical relaxation


Please note that this package is not intended for severe ailments.

5-Day Tune Up

    • 5 sessions ($90 per session)
    • Powerful healing performed by a group of healers
  • Programs and packages are non-refundable but are transferable, provided they have been paid in full.