Let us help you move through your COVID-19 healing rapidly and with greater strength and stamina. Addressing symptoms early can help manage side affects of the virus by helping to address the energetic aspects of COVID-19. This package is for those who have milder Covid-19 symptoms and are recovering at home. In this powerful  program, you will receive healings  by a team of healers to help balance and harmonize your energy to recover as quickly and gracefully as possible. We also offer a one-month program for those who are hospitalized and require additional healing.

Covid-19 Mild Support Program

    • 10 sessions ($90 per session)
    • Powerful healing performed by a group of healers
    • Comprehensive intake interview
    • Weekly energetic progress reports by text or e-mail.
  • Programs and packages are non-refundable but are transferable, provided they have been paid in full.