As the soul transitions out of the physical body there is a beautiful opportunity to help heal the physical and emotional body, helping with the comfort and ease of transition.  Addressing the energetic aspects of any lingering physical and emotional ailments can help to create the peace and sacredness of this beautiful experience.  Healings are provided to help bring comfort to existing ailments, while harmonizing the energy during the process of their transition.  All healers involved believe this to be a sacred gift and engage in the healings with reverence and honor to this beautiful experience.


Sessions can be given up to 2 times per day, if required.

End of Life Care Program

    • 10 sessions ($90 per session)
    • Powerful healing performed by a group of healers
    • Intake interview
    • Daily energetic progress reports by text or e-mail, if desired.
  • Programs and packages are non-refundable but are transferable, provided they have been paid in full.