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“Healing was provided to a family member who was unaware of Pranic Healing.  What started with severe pain was healed over a series of healings, along with major mental and emotional shifts as well.  Pain began as severe/ debilitating and ended as dull/ non intrusive.  Healings were hugely successful without the patient even knowing they were happening!  Perfect way to help a family member when we feel otherwise helpless."

Anonymous, New Jersey

“Healing Angels, and you are truly that, I am so very grateful to you for my healing and that has been so unbelievably quick.  To experience this group healing has been a true blessing.  I have more energy than I have had in days."

Anonymous, Georgia

“I trust these healers as much as I have ever trusted anyone in my life, and they have never let me down. If you are going through a major life challenge, you could ask for nothing and no one better to help you through it than this group of Pranic healers. I thank heaven I found them and recommend them unconditionally.”

Anonymous, NYC


“Healings were provided to both me and my family. These healings have been remarkable – sometimes bordering on miraculous. Very loving & compassionate… comes through every healing.

Anonymous, NJ